congrats 🎉,
now what?

After selling a business, you could feel lost, without a purpose, struggling with money decisions, happiness, and pressure to start something new. That's normal.

What is it?

Acquired Founders (AF) is a private community for ... you guessed it, acquired founders. It's a private space for people who've made a life-changing sum of money in an exit. It's for sharing experiences, helping one another, and being open about how you're feeling and what you've gone through.

I wanted this community when I sold my company in 2021. So I'm building it.

It costs $500 once if your application is successful.

Who is it right for?

You've made mid 6 to 8 figures in an exit—$500k - $50m. Life-changing money means different things for different people, but many of the challenges after exit are the same. This is not for company operators, but many of us (including me) find ourselves running new businesses—which we will talk about.

What kind of community?

TBD on the exact platform (Slack, Circle, etc). It won't require peer groups like many other acquired founder's communities. The goal is to create a safe, private space for like-minded folks to connect. It will evolve over time.

What's your story?

I'll be sharing that with people who join this group. I will be extremely transparent and willing to share everything I've thought, spent, deliberated and battled with.

Why $500 once?

A few reasons.
- You will be literally bought in which helps encourage contributing. No lurkers.
- You don't need another subscription. Especially an expensive one.
- This isn't my next big business so I don't need to optimise recurring revenue.
- It's affordable but not so little you'll never turn up.